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What is Telehealth?

If you are in self-isolation or would prefer to minimise contact in any way, you may like to consult with us via our new Telehealth service. Telehealth uses digital technology that’s easily and readily available on your computer or phone to receive face to face treatment from our physio, virtually. It is safe, clinically backed by research and effective, and our physios are trained to deliver telehealth consultations.

What is included in Telehealth?

Our Telehealth consultations will deliver the same exceptional level of care as our in-clinic service offerings. Our physiotherapists will provide you with thorough assessment and diagnosis, education about your injury or condition and guide your through exercises face to face, online. They’ll also prescribe a detailed rehab plan for you to undertake at home and teach you self-management techniques. Surprisingly, there’s a lot that we can help you with through a computer screen!

Is Telehealth affordable?

Our standard fees for telehealth consultations are reduced from our normal fees and there are packages available for week, fortnight or month access to unlimited appointments with your Physiotherapist to make it even more affordable. Medicare provides a rebate for Physiotherapy telehealth services via an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) referral from your GP.

What set-up do I need for Telehealth?

Telehealth uses digital technology that is readily available. All you require is a computer or laptop with a webcam, or a phone with an inbuilt camera. Our practice manager will provide you with simple instructions when you book your physio appointment. No apps, downloads or special software needed at all!



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